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Settling into pre-school

The first day is over and the chances are that your child is enthusiastic and can’t wait to go back the next day. For some children it takes longer to settle in, they need Mammy or Daddy to help them build confidence in making the transition to pre-school. The settling-in process may take days or weeks. Be patient and remember that in learning how to manage this transition your child is laying the foundations and developing coping mechanisms for the next step on the education ladder and future life events.mulberry-sign-preschool

Getting familiar with the pre-school setting and the new routines requires energy. Expect your child to be tired as she adjusts to the demands of pre-school. She may revert to taking a nap or just taking it easy to recharge the batteries when she comes home from pre-school.

Good nutrition is vital to give her the energy she needs to play and learn. Encourage her to have a healthy breakfast and provide a wholesome lunch (many pre-schools will give guidance on what to put in the lunch box). Healthy eating habits are laid down in these early years.

Continue to link with the pre-school throughout this settling in period and beyond, ask questions and get to see the service and meet the staff. Your involvement with the pre-school helps your child’s well-being and learning.